Environmental protection

We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment.

Image showing solar panels. Helping the environment

In order to reduce our impact on the environment, we are focusing on reducing energy and water consumption, limiting waste and atmosphere emissions from our manufacturing locations, as well as reducing packaging material and our carbon footprint.

Our roadmap and what we commit to achieve

Key Area2018 Milestone2022 Commitment
1 Baseline 2016.
2 Baseline 2018.
Water Good House Keeping (GHK) program in place in all factories
Water intake reduced by 10%1 (Resulting in 3,24M3/MT) 25% reduction1
CO2 Footprint
Scope: 1&2
CO2 in manufacturing reduced by 2%1 (Resulting in 0,586 kg CO2 eq./kg) 10% reduction1
CO2 in logistics and distribution baseline and targets 2022 set 5% reduction2
CO2 cooling agents impact baseline and targets 2022 set 90% of all cooling systems replaced with “green” units2
CO2 Footprint
Scope: 3
CO2 from travelling and commuting baseline and targets 2022 set 5% reduction2
Certification Production locations ISO 14001 certified All plants ISO 14001 certificates obtained

Environmental management

In 2016, 14 Manufacturing Operating Companies were ISO14001 certified and we target to get all Manufacturing Operating Companies certified by end 2018.

All Manufacturing Operating Companies are reporting the following environmental KPIs on a monthly basis: waste disposed (product and non-product related), CO2 emissions, water consumption, water discharged and water effluent specifications.

Carbon footprint

In order to reduce the environmental impact derived from the use of energy, we have implemented initiatives with the intention of generating operational savings and improving energy efficiency.

In all our Manufacturing Operating Companies we emphasise the importance of “Production right first time”. We encourage all employees to identify waste prevention and reduction opportunities and sort the waste for recycling.

We have invested in energy monitoring systems. Such systems enable us to track the performance of our production processes. Some installations have been connected to the existing building management system to allow better monitoring and adjustment of air handling systems/steam boilers/cooling machines in particular.

We have Effluent Treatment Plants in nine Manufacturing Operating Companies that generate biogas. These plants help us reduce consumption of natural resources to generate energy. In addition, Our Manufacturing Operating Companies in India, Indonesia, Italy, Russia and Nigeria have installed Co-generation and Tri-generation plants that use the energy in a more efficient way for our operations. The energy from residual heat from our processes and power generation plants is used to fire vapour absorption plants to generate chilled water deployed for processing activities and building management systems in air treatment units.

We use LED lighting in all Manufacturing Operating Companies.

Solar energy: we achieved a 1.2% local gas reduction through the use of solar energy in our production facility in Breda, Netherlands. We are evaluating the feasibility of extending the use of solar energy in other Manufacturing Operating Companies and the use of other sustainable energy sources.

We are working to reduce our water consumption through the implementation of efficient cleaning procedures, the recycling of water and good housekeeping, process optimisation, behavioural change of employees, the implementation of ‘dry’ systems and recycling of residual water. The good housekeeping plan at our production facility in Vinhedo-Brazil resulted in 50% water intake reduction.

PVM aims to deliver optimal packaging solutions that protect the product on its way to the end user with the least environmental impact and fit to purpose usage of packaging and related waste and emissions. We are working to:

  • Optimise the weight and volume of our packaging in overall product life cycle
  • Develop more fit-for-purpose packaging solutions
  • Invest in research in alternative technologies to reduce environmental impact