Message from our group CEO

"This report
demonstrates that we
are determined and
passionate about making
CSR part of how we
conduct business on a
daily basis."
Sameer Suneja
Executive Director and Group CEO

I am very proud to present the first global Perfetti Van Melle (PVM) CSR report. We are a multinational confectionery group with a remarkable track record of success and growth in the markets in which we operate.

Over the years, we have built a great reputation for conducting business responsibly and to high ethical standards. Our priority is to preserve such a great reputation, as this is crucial to our success in the long term.

Our consumers

We are committed to ensuring the highest possible product safety and evolving our portfolio to best meet consumers’ lifestyle and dietary needs. Consumers’ needs and expectations always guide our progress in product development and innovation.

I am proud of the commitment that we are taking in being transparent with our consumers on the calorie content of our products: all our sugar-based candies and chocolate products will feature information on calorie content per piece.

We are committed to removing artificial colourings from all our products, both new and existing. It will be a long and difficult process, as it implies reformulating a large number of products. We began the process a few years ago and we will continue with determination.

The environment & our production facilities

Most of our production facilities are ISO14001 certified, showing our determination to adapt our organisation and our manufacturing processes in a way that minimises our impact on the environment. Energy from renewable sources, in particular self-produced bio-gas from effluent treatment plants, is already in use at a number of manufacturing sites.

Our people

Our employees are our most precious asset. We have created an environment in which passion, expertise, entrepreneurship and friendliness thrive. In 2015, we conducted our first global employee engagement survey which recorded a very positive global score, higher than the benchmark for food and beverages companies. In 2017, we will conduct our second global survey and we hope to report further progress in ensuring that all our employees can actually “unwrap their potential” at PVM.

Our communities

Our operations play a role in the local communities in which they operate. Most communities provide our labour force, skills and competencies. We want to make a difference in those communities, in terms of supporting local social, cultural and medical needs. We have programmes and initiatives in place to help and support local communities and the report illustrates some good examples.