Sourcing the taste

We are establishing a Global Procurement function to help minimise our social and environmental impact.

Image of two women enjoying Mentos

We’re committed to reducing the environment impact in our distribution operations and have implemented a number of initiatives.

We aim to manufacture our products close to our sales markets whenever possible. Our objective is to minimise imports and exports, reducing the environmental impact and waste of energy involved in transporting goods.

Whenever possible, we also make significant use of combined road/rail transport, both for imports and for domestic distribution. For exporting to distant markets we prefer to use shipping, thus helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

With new regular transportation routes, we consistently increase Intermodal weight achieving above 95% on all our transport from Spain to Benelux, Spain to United Kingdom, Istanbul to Benelux and Istanbul to United Kingdom. As a result, we reduced 1.065 tonnes of CO2 equivalent emissions in 2016.

As part of our target to allocate our production closer to the final market of Italy, we brought our Gum Bottle production from Turkey to France reducing the distance by 85%.

Our production facilities in China have worked on a logistics project reducing the mode of transportation from road to more rail and shipping resulting in a reduction of 8,045,617L of diesel consumption and 21,160 tonnes of reduction of CO2 equivalent emission.